6 Ways to Celebrate Your Wedding Date if You Have to Postpone

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It’s no doubt that tens of thousands, if not more, of weddings across the country are being postponed. Large events are being banned or restricted, vendors are being deemed “non-essential” and not allowed to work, and venues are having to temporarily close doors. You’ve put in all of the work to plan the perfect wedding day, but unfortunately we don’t have much control over things like this right now. You can still celebrate your wedding date that got postponed due to Covid 19.

My heart is breaking for all of the couples out there being forced to postpone their dream wedding day. You might be thinking about how sad your original date is going to be as you sit at home thinking about what should be happening that day. But, I think your original wedding date is still worth celebrating! There are plenty of ways to celebrate, while still adhering to the orders in place. Here are a few ways to enjoy your day, keep it special, and keep you excited for your future day down the road.

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Have a Special Date Night In

Order dinner from your favorite fancy restaurant and have it delivered. Order some flowers, set the table with your best china and linens, pour some champagne and dream about your future wedding day. Or, enjoy the night by not talking about the wedding at all. Pull out a journal and dream up some adventures you want to have as a married couple someday.

Have a Micro Ceremony

This can be dependent on the current restrictions in your area at the time, but having a small micro ceremony is a great way to honor your commitment and your original wedding date. This doesn’t have to be a legal ceremony to be special and memorable. You can make this day what you want. Get dressed up in your wedding attire or keep it more casual. Host a virtual watch party so family and friends can be included or keep it intimate with just the two of you. Write some vows to each other or save those for later. If your current area allows small gatherings, you can of course make this a legal ceremony with an officiant and a few friends or parents. Be creative and make it meaningful.

Open Some Gifts

Do you have some gifts that have come in the mail from guests? Go ahead and give yourself permission to open a few of them. You can do this over video if you’d like to include the gift giver, or just send them a quick thank you note. I’m sure they will understand you celebrating your day by opening a few gifts and putting them to use.

Plan a Virtual Celebration Party

This could be as elaborate as you want. It could be as simple and sending out some virtual invites to family and friends to hop on a Zoom call. Encourage your guests to have some appetizers and drinks ready, then at your scheduled time, hop on and just enjoy the company of those who love you most. Encourage guests to give a toast or share a favorite memory of the two of you, or have them give you their best piece of marriage advice. If you can record this little party, you’ll have a fun video to look back on for years to come.

Have a Photoshoot

If your state is allowing photographers to do sessions outdoors, grab your photographer and head to someplace quiet and special outdoors and have some fun taking pictures. If your state doesn’t allow in person sessions, find a photographer doing virtual sessions over Facetime. This is a fun way to have a little in home session with the two of you just hanging out in your space, but your photographer is coaching you over Facetime and capturing photos on their device, then editing them for you. What a fun way to document this crazy season in your lives!

Make a Date Night Jar

You’ve been stuck inside for weeks and you’re ready to get out and explore with your love. Sit down together with your favorite snacks and drinks and dream up as many date nights as you can. Write them on strips of paper and put them in a jar for future use. Be creative. You can dream up elaborate date nights, day dates that include certain places around your city, or even date nights in. You’ll have a whole jar full of ideas on those weekends you just don’t know what to do.

I hope this helps some of you to celebrate your original wedding date that was postponed due to Covid 19. Your original date was set for a reason and will always be special. Celebrate it!

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