Furman University, Bald Rock, Greenville SC Engagement | Lexi & Ross


Furman University, Falls Park on the Reedy, Bald Rock | Greenville, South Carolina Engagement Session

I met up with Lexi and Ross in their new hometown of Greenville, South Carolina. This couple is getting married “back home” here in Illinois, but really wanted to have their engagement session in their new state. I was so excited to fly to SC to photograph these for them.

Their Story

Lexi and Ross met in high school when she was a freshman and he was a junior at the same school. Ross asked Lexi to winter ball and dated a couple of different times in high school before going separate ways for a few years. They stayed in touch here and there, and then during Lexi’s junior year of college, they started texting. At this point, Ross was living in South Carolina. After texting for a while, she went to visit him in SC and she says, “The rest is history.” Lexi says she knew he was the one from the first time they started dating, but just had to wait for the right time. Ross says he knew she was the one when he took her to family Christmas and she didn’t take off running. 🙂

Their Proposal (in Lexi’s words)

“He proposed in June of this year when my parents and I moved some of my things down one weekend. My mom and I were unpacking some things in the house and my dad and Ross were doing some fishing when he called and said he caught this old box and wanted us to see what was inside. He had made this box look old and like it had been in the water for years. We came down and he opened it and read the letter that basically asked me to spend forever with him and proposed!
It was a very “us” style proposal, pretty relaxed and simple!”
Oh my gosh! Is that not the cutest?! I just love a good proposal story!

Their Session

A few days before their session, I started watching the weather because it was January in Illinois. There was quite the snowstorm heading to Illinois, so I was a little nervous about getting out of Chicago. At one point, Southwest was offering free reschedules on a new flight. I reached out to Lexi and Ross, but with their crazy schedules and mine, we decided to go for it. We had scheduled two evenings of shooting to catch two different locations, but also to cover ourselves if my flight was delayed or the weather in SC wasn’t great. The drive to the airport was clear and it started to snow just about the time we had to take off from Chicago. I was so thankful for a flight that left on time.

The first evening, we started at Furman University. It was a rainy, gloomy day, but we got some fun shots around the university and then headed to Falls Park on the Reedy for some photos with the beautiful falls in downtown Greenville. By this time, it was raining pretty steadily. I loved this location and wish we’d had a bit more time and better weather here.

The next night we started at their house with their sweet pup before heading to Bald Rock. We had planned to go farther up the mountain and hit Bald Rock on the way down, but as Ross drove us up the mountain the fog got more and more dense. We finally decided to turn around and head back to Bald Rock. The fog gave us a really neat, dreamy look for these photos! I love how these turned out.

Furman University Engagement Session Furman University Engagement Session Furman University Engagement Session Furman University Engagement Session Furman University Engagement Session Falls Park on the Reedy Engagement Session Falls Park on the Reedy Engagement Session Falls Park on the Reedy Engagement Session Falls Park on the Reedy Engagement Session

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