Choosing Your Wedding Venue: Guest Post by Town & Country Events

March 7, 2018

Central Illinios Wedding VenueI am so excited to have Colleen Caldwell & Baylee Estes, co-owners of Town & Country Events, on the blog today talking all about choosing your wedding venue! Town & Country is a beautiful new wedding venue in Central Illinois! I am so excited to have them on the blog to talk all about choosing your wedding venue. You’re in for a treat!

“The ring is finally on your hand.  The moment you have been looking forward to has finally arrived.  You said YES!

Now comes the planning for the big day.  Family and friends are invaluable resources for what to do and what not to do. Internet sites like The Knot can shed immeasurable light on the options that are available to you.  And don’t forget the plethora of wedding planning calendars that can keep you on track.

What to do first?  Breathe.  Breathing is good.  Second, enjoy the planning.  And third, choose the WHERE.

All other decisions will stem from this choice.  How do you know your options?  The Knot has lists broken down by area, amenities, guest capacity, etc. Awesome tool!!

Who is typing these words?  Let me introduce myself!

My name is Colleen Caldwell and my sixth building renovation in Milford, Illinois is a wedding event venue called Town and Country Events.  My daughter and I began on a journey almost a year and a half ago to create a wedding venue from a one hundred year old lumber yard.  She and I have a passion for creating and making things beautiful. Every detail was designed and built by us in efforts to establish the area’s most unique venue experience.

For us, a space is more than four walls, ceiling, and floor.  All of these aspects are opportunities to create an emotion.  We believe that every space has an energy and that on your most special day you should be surrounded by elements that make you and your guests feel warm and welcomed.  Natural materials such as wood, brick, and metal surround you at T and C.  We have honored the history of the building by highlighting its original structure while updating it with modern conveniences.  Being able to have your wedding AND reception in one location is the blessing that the building offered us.  We were able to create two unique spaces: One rustic, one classic.  The bride and groom preparation spaces were added to make your most special day convenient and relaxing!

What should you look for in a venue?  Practical amenities such as ample size for your amount of guests, handicap accessibility, and parking are details to consider.  But beyond practicality, how does the space make you feel when you enter?  Can you picture celebrating with your family and friends in the room?

Aside from practicality and even décor is perhaps the most important consideration of all: the relationship between you and the owners and coordinators at the venue. Let your intuition guide you!  Encourage your closest family and friends to join you on a tour of the space and a meeting with the owners/coordinators at the venue.  Let them voice their opinion of all aspects of the venue.

Your wedding day will be perfect as long as you remember the Big Picture.  This is a celebration of LOVE and that is all that matters.  At the end of the day, you will be on the start of your journey as man and wife and nothing could be more exciting than that.  Congratulations and happy wedding planning!”

Love, Colleen and Baylee

Town and Country Events

35 East Jones

Milford, Illinois

Facebook @ Town and Country Events


Owners: Colleen Caldwell and Baylee Estes

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