Morton Arboretum Engagement | Angie & Justin


Angie and Justin love walking around Morton Arboretum so we decided to have their engagement session at this beautiful location in Lisle, Illinois. I had such a great time riding around with this couple, getting to know them a little and scoping out great photo spots.

How They Met

Justin and Angie were introduced to each other through neighbors at their old condo association. Angie says she always thought Justin was pretty cute, smart and funny and even tried to set him up with a friend of hers. When that didn’t work out, they went on a date and the rest is history.

When She Knew

Angie said she always thought it was strange how people could get married after only knowing each other for a year or two, but says when she met Justin, she just knew. They moved in together in 2017, combining their zoo of animals. With six cats and a 125# dog between the two of them, they have quite what Angie describes as the perfect kind of chaos.

What She Loves About Him

“He can make me giggle like no other and cry from laughing so hard, but also fills my heart with the most serious, comforting, kind love. He is so selfless to me, even when I’m being selfish and he must have a perfectly tuned “Angie needs a kiss meter” cause they’re always right on time. I am so lucky to have this beautiful human to enjoy life with for the rest of my days!!! If he was typing this, he would correct me to say WE are the luckiest, but it’s really me!”

Isn’t that the sweetest? Angie and Justin, it was such an honor to capture these photos for you.

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