The Anniversary Sessions

July 13, 2017

Anniversary Sessions by Karen Shoufler

The day is finally here to announce something new! The all new Anniversary Sessions are a way to celebrate marriage and help couples to leave a legacy for their kids, grandkids and generations to come. These sessions are near and dear to me for a few reasons.

Marriage should be celebrated! We are firm believers in marriage in my family. Both Adam and I have parents that have been married since right out of high school. They have persevered through trials, sickness and raising kids. They have laughed, cried, and argued, but most of all they have stayed. With the importance of lasting marriages being threatened and divorce being the norm, I think it’s worth celebrating those of us that have made the choice to honor our wedding vows and continue to stay and press on.

Printing photos matters! We live in a digital age, where people share pictures mostly through social media. I think it’s a tragedy that photos aren’t being printed much anymore. I remember as a kid, I would sit down on the green shag carpet in our living room with an old suitcase and an old Wolverine boot box full of pictures. I would sit and look through those pictures for hours on a regular basis. There were photos of my great-grandparents’ weddings, vacations throughout the years and just everyday moments caught by my mom on her polaroid camera.

My husband and I have been married 16 years. Last year, I saved up and scheduled an anniversary session with one of my favorite area photographers. We had a blast! It was such a great reminder of how far we’d come and that we are still choosing each other. That was when I fell in love with anniversary sessions, and I knew I needed to offer them!

So, here they are! And, here’s what you need to know about them.

The Anniversary Sessions by Karen Shoufler

What’s different than a regular session?

Anniversary sessions will begin long before the session with a questionnaire. Once you book your session, you will get a questionnaire to fill out asking all about you and your spouse. This is a fun thing to do together on a date night. 🙂 You’ll answer questions about your wedding, favorite things to do together and answer questions about each other. It’s fun, I promise! That information will be used when I create a blog post with your images, celebrating your marriage and encouraging others as well. Our marriages aren’t just for us! Our marriages can be an inspiration and encouragement to others that are just starting out or have been married for decades. We will be celebrating what I believe to be the most important human relationship that exists.

What’s included?

All anniversary sessions include your session time, digital images to save and print on your own, AND either a print credit for professional prints or a large wall print! Here’s the catch: I’m not going to release your digital images to you until you order your prints! Sorry, but I know how you all work! You’ll get the digitals, say you are going to order the prints and then you won’t. Your pictures may show up on Facebook once a year for the next couple of years and then they will be long forgotten. So, you have to order the prints that are included in your package BEFORE you get the digital image download.

Will my husband hate this?

I get it! You want a session, but you are afraid your husband is going to hate the whole experience. First of all, he will probably go along with it if you let him know how important it is to you. Then, it’s my job to help him loosen up and have a good time. Tell him there will be kissing involved! When I took Melanie and Casey out for their anniversary session, I could tell Casey wasn’t super excited. I could also tell by the way he looked at his wife, that he adored her! Once we got into the session, he loosened up and focused on his wife instead of the camera pointing at him. At the end of the session he said, “That wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I actually had a good time.” Also, plan a date night immediately following the session. Go out for dinner or go do something you love to do. You deserve it!

BONUS for your kids!

As a bonus for your kids, I’m offering 4×6 prints of 25 of your favorite images in a flip book as an add on to your package. The idea is that you would order one set for each of your kids. Why? Because seeing their parents loving on each other and valuing marriage matters! Our kids love seeing pictures of us together, laughing, smiling, even kissing! Haha!

Can I order other items?

Yes! Through your online gallery, you can order prints, canvases and albums! Coffee table albums are my favorite! If you are looking for an item that you don’t see, just ask! We can do about anything.

Chicago Anniversary Session

Anniversary Session

Downtown Kankakee Anniversary Session

Ready to book your session? Contact me TODAY via email ( or via the contact form at the bottom of the home page!

I’m offering $50 off all sessions that book a date by July 31! 


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  1. Kristi

    July 13th, 2017 at 8:52 am

    I completely agree with you! Anniversary sessions are such a great way to celebrate your marriage over the years and printed photos are super important too!

  2. Kayla Grey

    July 13th, 2017 at 1:06 pm

    Absolutely LOVE engagement sessions! There is something so precious, and emotional about anniversary sessions! You can see how much they have grown as a couple over the first year, or more! <3 <3 Such a precious time!!